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New Build Projects

Tesco chimneys


With most new build projects we work as a sub-contractor to the Mechanical Services Contractor.

The work is tendered, either from pre-designed drawings or from measurements taken on site. We are pleased to offer a quick and comprehensive estimating service – with a variety of products to provide cost-effective solutions.


Our in-house design department produces layouts to ensure the systems fit and that they comply with legislation and regulations.

The proposed installations are drawn up using CAD – with particular attention to coordination with other services. Draught calculations, termination heights, material selection and size checks are all included in the design process.


The Project Manager heads the team and looks after the work from initial enquiry through to completion. Organising sitework is a large part of everyday work and we offer a teamwork approach to ensure smooth, trouble-free installation:–

  • Directly employed site teams.
  • Dedicated project managers for one point of contact.
  • Continuous Health and Safety training programme to guarantee safe working.