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Refurbishment Projects

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Refurbishment Projects

Many projects involve replacing old out-of-date heating systems – potentially with a change of fuel type as well. Modern appliances are more demanding in terms of the construction of the flue components and the integrity of the joints. The replacement equipment in most cases needs a new flue.

With the constraints of the existing building, special, tailor-made fabrications are often required and we are able to provide a quick turnaround on these.

Our site teams understand the tight deadlines with refurbishment jobs and out-of-hours working is available to ensure completion on time.

Site Assessments

Our engineers are experienced and able to offer solutions for installations where new equipment is installed within existing buildings.

We carry out site visits to assess the options available and can provide an inspection service using CCTV equipment. With certain layouts some extra draught may be required to overcome constraints imposed by the position of the boilers and the route of the flue. In these cases fan assistance is offered with either in-line fans or ‘Exodraft’ chimney top fans.

Chimney Lining

With existing brick chimneys we will consider whether the existing stacks can be re-used or need to be re-lined. Camera surveys are available to inspect, record and assess the condition.

The options to re-line existing chimneys are:–

  • Stainless steel flexible liners.
  • Plastic flexible liners.
  • Furanflex thermo-resin fabric liners.
  • Rigid stainless steel sections.